Our Story

Working in the medical field, Dr. Neil Brandon has always been on the forefront of innovation and care. With the latest COVID-19 need for wearing masks, there is a demand for protecting one's self and others. 

After consulting with other healthcare providers and patients, as well as with his own barber, Dr. Brandon saw a need for masks without ear loops so that hairstylists could access all areas of their clients hair without them having to hold their masks on their face while receiving the service. 

Many of our users have found The Strapless Magic Mask the most comfortable mask available for everyday use. You will truly forget you are wearing it!

This family owned business aims to make 'The Strapless Magic Mask' available to the public at wholesale prices. We are also actively seeking barbers and stylists who provide haircuts to the homeless, to donate 1 of every 50 masks we sell.

AND - because Dr. Brandon dislikes masks as much as you do, we have diversified to offer additional masks that we have found to have comfort that surpasses the standard available ones. The Light'n Comfy Reusable cloth mask and the Clear'n Comfy Mask (Let Them See Your Smile!) are for sale online NOW. We also offer affordable imported Disposables in fun colors, with FREE ear savers included, which enhance mask comfort! 

MADE IN AMERICA: Our Strapless Magic Masks are now 100% Made in the USA, by Response Technologies in Coventry, Rhode Island!!