Directions for Application

To Apply:

1. Locate the top of the mask (contains the flexible wire across it) and the            inside (with the  white tape on each side)

2. Pinch the top of the mask to fit the bridge of the nose

3. Remove the tape backing by slightly folding the tape lengthwise before peeling off the backing  (there is a slit down the middle which makes peeling a breeze)

    Apply mask to face, pull the bottom down under chin

To Remove:

1. Pull mask off gently, from the corner. Carefully pull tape off the skin if it comes off mask and sticks to skin.

*Mask can be reapplied many times. Best used for one day only (It may become less sticky or it may become extra tacky if used longer then a day)

*Works best if skin is clean and free of oils or powders